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Camp is Open! Help Us Pack Our Trunks!

Camp is Open! Help Us Pack Our Trunks!

We’re Going Back to Camp!

On June 29th, Project Morry will re-open Morry’s Camp, our summer sleepaway camp, and welcome back 240 kids, for the first time since 2019. We are beyond excited!

The Project Morry staff is hard at work filling the pool, putting up tents, and gathering art supplies while also ensuring that we will be prepared to keep our campers and staff healthy and safe throughout the summer. Even though the summer of 2021 will be different from summers past, we are looking forward to bringing campers together to play, laugh, and relax in a place filled with love and immense care.

We know our campers are finishing a challenging school year and the transformational benefits of camp are more important this year than ever. Morry’s Camp provides a nurturing and safe space for our kids to just be kids. They will swim, reconnect with their friends, spend time outside, and unplug. They’ll have opportunities for personal growth and academic support to combat pandemic-related learning loss- all supporting their social, emotional and physical well-being.

Camp starts June 29th. As families and children send off their camp trunks in eager anticipation of summer adventures, help us create a summer of joy, friendships, and growth.

Donate to Project Morry and with your support we can continue to provide life changing experiences and opportunities for our youth.

Thank you for being a part of the Project Morry community. We can’t do our work without you.