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A Note From Dawn

A Note from Dawn

If we were at camp right now, we would all be standing at the flagpole, looking out at our remarkable community. We would acknowledge to our kids and our staff what was happening with Coronavirus and the challenges it presents. We would let them know that there is lots we do know, and that there is lots that we don’t know. We would tell them we would need their help in controlling the things we had control of and that together we would all do our best for each other. To keep each other safe and stay hopeful.

We aren’t at camp though. And although it is SO MUCH harder doing this apart – we are still together, with the same commitment to our kids and our families and our communities and our volunteers and our staff.

Project Morry will continue to work with our students, families, and community partners to support them in completing school work, college readiness, goal setting and achieving although how we do that will change as we identify ways to engage remotely for the time being. We are still planning for an amazing summer at camp. Our kids need us more than ever and the Project Morry community will be there for them.

We will learn more with every hour and every day – and we will eventually start to have more answers than questions as we tackle it as the Project Morry community. I am confident of THAT - actually more confident in US than most anything else in the universe at the moment and that in and of itself gives me a great sense of comfort!

More to come. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones,