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Morry's Camp

Programs & Activities

Summer learning through educational challenges, a focus on personal excellence and outdoor adventures.

A typical Morry’s Camp day is divided into activity periods, electives and a structured evening program, allowing students to experience a wide range of activities. The programs are designed to provide campers with a supportive space to connect with their peers and undertake personal development through challenges and safe risk-taking. Group initiatives strengthen skills in leadership, mentoring, problem solving and communication. Activities are tailored to the age of the children.

Educational Curriculum

Our Morry’s Camp program strongly values education and learning. Highlights of our educational curriculum include: Frosh Focus, Summer Olympics, High School 101, LEAD and the Social Justice Program.

Program Highlights

Culinary Kids

Campers mix, dice and sauté to create delicious and nutritious meals while learning the basics of nutrition, good health and culinary skills. The program helps the children and teens make wise decisions about food and wellness, and promotes independent living skills.

Studio Program

Campers write, produce and engineer music for their own albums. They learn about the fundamentals of music including rhythm, melody, dynamics and harmony through creative musical exercises and improvisation. During the summer, Morry’s Camp and Echo Lake campers combine their talents to produce a very special album called “Dedicated to a Dream”.

Digital Media Program

Students learn cutting edge photo and video editing skills. The amazing natural setting of Morry's Camp is the perfect backdrop for producing some great digital media.

Carol’s Circle

Carol’s Circle, named after Carol Kestenbaum, plays a critical role in providing the safety, mentoring and encouragement that girls need to address and overcome traditional gender stereotypes and expectations. In small group activities, girls have an opportunity to share their experiences through discussion, projects and games that explore issues of self-worth, including stress management, peer pressure, body image and the impact of negative messages on girls and young women.

Harris Sherman Project

The Harris Sherman Project, named in memory of Harris Sherman, honors the legacy of a young man who lived his life being kind to all. Through this program, our older male campers get the opportunity to inform, inspire and create a safe place for other young men to be themselves. Bi-weekly sessions are facilitated using current events, documentaries, open discussion and storytelling.

Social Justice Program

An educational forum where campers identify and analyze disparities and discrimination in the world around them. Teens meet to discuss and explore inequalities and systems of oppression through group discussion, storytelling, historical analysis, films, workshops and creative writing. Their own power to be agents of positive social change is also examined and critiqued.