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Join Morry’s Camp Team for Summer 2024

We’re looking for dedicated, enthusiastic and responsible individuals who are ready to challenge themselves, have fun, and make the camp experience outstanding for Morry’s Campers this summer.

Our Staff

Project Morry is committed to providing young people with a superb camp experience, and this starts with our wonderful staff. Our Morry’s Camp staff share a true desire to support, work and guide young people to be their best selves and to provide them with a fun, safe and challenging experience. Staff members facilitate educational activities and outdoor adventures, while serving as excellent adult role models. Our staff are a group of diverse individuals who come from different states, countries, colleges and backgrounds. Our camp counselors are typically college or graduate age, and they have come from as far as Australia and the Czech Republic to work at Morry’s Camp.

Positions Available

As you consider applying for a summer staff position at Morry's Camp you will want to know that we are not just any camp. We believe that the single most important ingredient of a summer camp is its staff. They are the people who encourage, share, laugh and care for our campers. Here are descriptions of the various roles Morry’s Camp offers:

Kid Specialists &
Faculty Specialists

Kid Specialists and Faculty Specialists are assigned to our middle school and high school campers, respectfully. Their job is to accompany their group throughout the day and participate in the various activities with the campers. These people are leaders, helpers, guiders, listeners and above all, the role models for that group.


Activity Specialists focus on a specific activity area, be it athletics, theatre, arts and crafts, watersports, or an outdoor experience program.


This is an essential leadership position at Morry’s Camp with the responsibility of supervising a group of campers (usually 10-15) as well as a staff team of 3-6.


Unit Leaders are responsible for two separate groups and staff on a daily basis, making sure the systems that we have put in place for the safety and well-being of everyone are being utilized. Upholding group morale and camp culture is also an important part of the Unit Leader’s role.


Support staff work in our kitchen, laundry, housekeeping and have the important role of maintaining our grounds.

To apply for any of the above positions, use our online staff application.

For already hired staff or to continue an application already started visit the management portal.

What is Project Morry & Morry’s Camp?

Project Morry was born out of summer camp pioneer Morry Stein’s dream that all children, regardless of economic status, should experience the life-changing gift of summer camp. Beginning as a free summer camp experience for young people from under-resourced communities, Project Morry has grown into a comprehensive year-round youth development organization, with Morry’s Camp still at the heart of our program.

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Where Are We?

Located in the hills of Glen Spey, 1.5 hours from New York and Connecticut, Project Morry’s 950-acres includes a lake, a large playing field, swimming pool, hiking trails, basketball courts, adventure course, fine arts pavilion, tree house, music studio, fully-stocked library, computer labs, educational clubhouse, and much more.

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Why Our Counselors Love Working at Morry’s Camp

  • They develop skills such as teamwork, patience, mediation, teaching, behavior management, self-assessment, and other attributes which can be applied to any future career path.
  • It’s a great head start to a career in education, social services or youth development.
  • They have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of young people.
  • Our campers are terrific and really inspirational to work with.
  • As well as traditional camp activities, our camp has a meaningful and interesting program and educational curriculum with a strong focus on learning, personal development and social justice themes.
  • They receive training to be the best teachers, role models and caretakers.
  • Our camp is set amongst 950-acres of beautiful nature, and we’re only 1.5 hours from New York City!

Interested in Applying?

Any Questions?

Please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions about joining Morry’s Camp.