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The primary focus of our year-round learning and development programs is to ensure that students graduate high school ready for college or the workforce, and to be productive members of their communities.

Project Morry delivers an impactful youth development program offering its students a combination of exceptional summer camp experiences, year-round academic enrichment and support, and one-on-one mentoring.

Our ten-year commitment to each student begins in grade 4 and continues through to high school graduation and preparation for college or the workforce. Throughout our programs, we focus on personal development, educational enrichment, 21st Century Skills and exploration of social justice themes. The program is divided into two stages, grade 4-7 and grade 8-12, with the skills and activities tailored specifically to the students’ educational needs and developmental stage.

At the completion of our program, graduates will have the tools to be successful, productive citizens able to give back to their communities and achieve their life-long goals.

Morry's Camp

Summer Learning and Overnight Camp Experience

Morry's Camp

Morry’s Camp offers young people a safe, fun and supportive environment to learn, develop, and explore future possibilities. Located in upstate New York on a campsite featuring excellent facilities, students have 950-acres of opportunity. Our camp programs provide children and teens with the space to connect with their peers, while being given leadership and mentoring opportunities. They can engage their interests with a variety of creative programs, apply themselves to educational challenges, get in touch with the great outdoors, and experience traditional camp activities.

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School Year Program

Year-round Academic Enrichment & Support

Students meet monthly with the Project Morry team in their communities as part of our commitment to year-round support and ongoing communication. These meetings are driven by our education curriculum, but also include recreational and career-oriented activities.

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School Year Programs

Our Student Outcomes


high school

  • New York State’s high school graduation rate is 78%
  • High school graduate rates from the communities we serve are as low as 61%


of college students achieve a degree

  • 77% of our participants are first generation college students
  • Across the U.S. only 9% of low income students graduate college