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Become a Camp that Gives

“We believe in what Project Morry stands for – the programs they are running, their goals and their values. It has become such a wonderful part of us and a part of what we do together as a camp, what we stand for and what we value.”

Lauren Bernstein, Camp Walden

Project Morry was built by the camp community, and nearly 30 years later we are grateful to continue to have a strong foundation of support. We partner with some of the best summer camps across America who have chosen Camps that Give for their cause marketing. We’re so happy to be able to offer camps a unique and relevant opportunity that aligns with their organizational goals and facilitates a way for them to share the camp experience with young people who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity. Camps that Give yields powerful results for both the camp and Project Morry, and together we ultimately transform children’s lives and futures.

How Does Camps that Give Help?

Camps that Give hold an annual camp-based fundraiser to raise money for Project Morry programs. Be it a swim-a-thon, a carnival, marathon or a bake sale, camps encourage the gift of giving by offering campers and their families the chance to give back. Camps that Give raised more than $250,000 last summer.

How does it work?

Step 1

Complete application form

Step 2

Choose a fundraising event that suits your camp

Step 3

Create a fundraising page

Step 4

Promote your events amongst your campers, encourage families to donate through your fundraising page

Step 5

Take lots of photos and record what happened on the day and send it to us so we can promote it on our website and social media

Why Select Project Morry for Your Cause Related Marketing?

  • Project Morry is a trusted, well-known and loved member of the camp community
  • Engage with your campers and families, who will be excited to know they’re contributing to a great cause
  • Add value to your brand while demonstrating your brand values to the community
  • Create great, engaging and meaningful content for your marketing purposes
  • Meet your corporate social responsibilities
  • We’ll do our best to share your story on our online platforms
  • Share the positive, life-changing experience of summer camp with a young person who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity

"Participation in Camps that Give is natural for us—it builds on our camp’s philosophy of building confidence, competence and community. "

Corey Dockswell, Camp Wicosuta, Director

Kids that Give

Many of the young campers who participate in Camps that Give are inspired to continue their fundraising back home.

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How to Help

Find out how you can make a difference by donating to Project Morry, holding a fundraising event, volunteering or getting your organization involved.