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Welcome to Project Morry!

It is with much pleasure and enthusiasm that we officially welcome you to Project Morry—be it for the first time or as a seasoned veteran!

We look forward to joining with you in providing this wonderful adventure and journey for your child. It is our aim to provide the best possible support and learning opportunity for your child throughout our 10-year program. Your partnership is so important to us.

We encourage you to explore this section of our website where you can learn more about Project Morry, our team, and our programs. You will also be able to find important dates and complete forms for your child’s participation in Project Morry.

We look forward to meeting with you in person. In the meantime, we will maintain communication with you throughout the year with our newsletter, emails and phone calls. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have any questions. We are always available for you, and ready to listen and help answer your questions.

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If you still have questions after reading our Frequently Asked Questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Program Commitment

The initial commitment for the Undergrad phase of our program is 3-4 years (depending on whether your child is selected in 4th or 5th grade). In 8th grade, your child can reaffirm his/her commitment by applying to our five-year Postgrad program. This supports your child through to high school graduation. Students then take part in our Bridge Year, which provides additional year of support post high-school graduation.

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Why We Feel so Lucky to Partner with You:

It is with you and because of you that we get to be a positive part of your child’s growth and development. We aim to be a partner in your child’s development. We see our program reinforcing all of the important, and sometimes challenging messages that occur during your child’s pre-teen and teenage years. We want to support your decisions. We feel lucky to have your trust and partnership. We encourage you to use Morry’s Camp as positive reinforcement and an ongoing reward for your child’s hard work and commitment to being his or her best self.

What is Project Morry

Founded in 1995, Project Morry is a year-round youth development organization that provides each child with a multi-year commitment. Project Morry is founded on the belief of one man with a powerful dream. Morry Stein believed that all children are unique and should be supported and strive to reach their potential. He believed that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled time away from home during summer in a beautiful, safe and secure environment. Morry also believed in the power of a positive and consistent year-round presence in a child’s life. Project Morry is his dream come true.

The Project Morry experience is based on a commitment to the School Year program and annual camp (Morry’s Camp) that is dedicated to helping your child grow.

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Key Team Members

Dawn Ewing

Executive Director

Deb C. Jones

Chief Program Officer

Meet More of the Team

Professional Excellence

Project Morry is committed to professional excellence and our team members are carefully screened and specially trained to be the best teachers, role models and caretakers for your child.

Veteran and Alumni staff are present throughout our program along with other mature individuals who have had successful experiences working with young people. All staff receive on-going support from the Leadership Team, which is made up of both full-time staff as well as other dedicated Project Morry staff.

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