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Project Morry’s 2024 Spring Into Summer!

Project Morry’s 2024 Spring Into Summer!

Project Morry’s 2024 Spring into Summer Event

Project Morry’s 2024 Spring into Summer is on May 2nd at Ellington in the Park! Join us to connect with friends old and new, learn more about Project Morry’s mission, and raise funds for a great cause while enjoying beautiful views of the Hudson River, all in support of our 2024 Swim Program at Morry’s Camp!

All proceeds will support Project Morry’s 2024 Swim Program for nearly 400 students who will return this summer to Morry’s Camp, our flagship sleepaway camp. Learning to swim is a lifelong skill that develops physical well-being as well as emotional and mental health. Our youth directly improve their social-emotional skills by increasing their confidence, determination, self-motivation, concentration, and goal-setting. These skills are linked to long-term academic and professional success!

Our programs change the outcomes for students from under-resourced communities through proven programs: 98% of Project Morry students graduate from high school on time, 85% attend college and 91% of those who attend college graduate. In addition to their academic success, Project Morry students exemplify our principles of resilience, personal responsibility, teamwork, and engaged citizenship. They are leaders at school and in their communities.

Spring into Summer
Thursday May 2, 2024 6-9PM
Project Morry 2024 Spring into Summer Event Committee:

Nicole Jablon, Co-Chair

Matt Jackowitz, Co-Chair

Laurie Rinke Langworthy, Co-Chair

Jody Brahms

Corey Dockswell

Marisa Gershwin

Ashley Schmitz

Stephanie Shorr

Madeleine Wedvik

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