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Camps That Give Application

Fill out the following form to apply to become a Camp That Gives.

Camps That Give members will have a page on the Project Morry site to accept donations. This application helps define that page. Once approved a Project Morry representative will get in touch with you to finish the set-up process.

Camp Information

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The image below is an example of where the text from the form fields appears on the Camps That Give Application form.

Example Page

Donation Email Information

Once a donation is received on behalf of your camp, an email will be sent to the donor. We offer the ability for you to include a special message in that email as well as providee additional email addresses you would like notified of a donation.

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Additional E-mail Notifications

Please list all emails you want notified when a parent donates, one per line.

Your Information

We’ll need some information from you for contact and administrative purposes. This contact info should be for the individual responsible for all communications with Project Morry.

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How Does Camps that Give Help?

Camps that Give hold an annual camp-based fundraiser to raise money for Project Morry programs. Be it a swim-a-thon, a carnival, marathon or a bake sale, camps encourage the gift of giving by offering campers and their families the chance to give back. Camps that Give raised more than $250,000 last summer.

How does it work?

Step 1

Complete application form

Step 2

Choose a fundraising event that suits your camp

Step 3

Create a fundraising page

Step 4

Promote your events amongst your campers, encourage families to donate through your fundraising page

Step 5

Take lots of photos and record what happened on the day and send it to us so we can promote it on our website and social media

How to Help

Find out how you can make a difference by donating to Project Morry, holding a fundraising event, volunteering or getting your organization involved.