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What is Project Morry?

Founded in 1995, Project Morry is a year-round youth development organization that provides each child with a multi-year commitment. Project Morry is founded on the belief of one man with a powerful dream. Morry Stein believed that all children are unique and should be supported and strive to reach their potential. He believed that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled time away from home during summer in a beautiful, safe and secure environment. Morry also believed in the power of a positive and consistent year-round presence in a child’s life. Project Morry is his dream come true.

Where is Morry’s Camp?

Located in the hills of Glen Spey, 1.5 hours from New York and Connecticut, Project Morry’s 950-acres includes a lake, a large playing field, swimming pool, hiking trails, basketball courts, adventure course, fine arts pavilion, tree house, music studio, fully-stocked library, computer labs, educational clubhouse, and much more.

How long will my child be away at Morry’s Camp?

Children spend between between nine days and 6 weeks at camp each year depending on their school grade.

Will I be able to see the camp?

YES. We have an open house in June for families to come and see the camp. We will provide transportation for this event.

What do you mean FREE?

No Cost, EVER! All we ask is that we have your support in encouraging your child to strive to be the best person they can be, both in their home community and at camp.

What will my child be doing at Morry’s Camp?

Morry’s Camp is the first phase of the Project Morry program that each student will experience. It is an opportunity for young people to be away from home, try new things, learn, and be around positive and caring adult role models. Being part of a group is a big component of the camp experience, allowing campers to develop new friendships, work through challenges, gain a greater sense of personal responsibility, and develop their self-esteem.

What happens during the school year?

Project Morry provides year-round academic enrichment and support through the School Year program. Your child will meet with the Project Morry team in your community 8 times, once each month from October to May. Individual meetings provide an opportunity to discuss each student’s progress and goals with them, and create plans to achieve them. Group gatherings are driven by our educational curriculum, and also include recreational and career-oriented activities.

What role do parents, families and the community play?

Once selected to participate in Project Morry, each student and their family are asked to make a commitment to multi-year involvement in our program. Close contact and forming strong bonds of teamwork with parents and the community is key to our program’s success. Regular communication and outreach including newsletters, calls and emails which positively reinforce the lessons and values acquired throughout the program. Meetings with students, parents, teachers and social workers allow us to discuss any challenges faced by students and their families, as well as to celebrate milestones and special occasions together.