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Who We Are

Supporters & Partners

Project Morry’s programs and work is made possible with the ongoing contributions of our generous supporters and partners.


Coporate and Foundation Partners

Project Morry is grateful to our corporate and foundation partners for sharing our vision and helping us broaden our impact. We are committed to developing meaningful partnerships with companies and foundations who want to make a difference.



Camps that Give

The camp community is incredibly supportive of Project Morry, particularly through Camps that Give. Private for-profit camps and the inspired kids who attend them partner with Project Morry and undertake fundraisers to help us continue our work. Over the years, we have established numerous partnerships with a number of private camps, which offer their campers and families a wonderful opportunity to give back. We thank them for their ongoing support.

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Community Partners

Project Morry is committed to maintaining strong partnerships with respected schools, community organizations and agencies within the tri-state area in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our young people. Students who participate in our program are referred by these community organizations who continue to partner with us throughout each student’s Project Morry journey. Our community partners play a vital role in the success of Project Morry and in the lives of the students.



Friends of Project Morry

Project Morry relies upon the generosity of our donors who provide both financial and in kind support.

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