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What We Do

What We Do

“Every year, I have the privilege of selecting students to enroll in Project Morry. It can be difficult, as there are so many children who could benefit from this incredible experience. When I finally choose a child for Project Morry, I feel like I’m handing them the winning lottery ticket. The camp experience and year-round program is life-changing.”

Beth Aronstam, LCSW, High Horizons Magnet School, Bridgeport, CT

Project Morry is committed to closing opportunity gaps that exist in our community and working to ensure young people from under-resourced communities graduate high school ready for college, careers and life. In the tri-state area, and across America, students from under-resourced communities continue to graduate high school at much lower rates than students with more advantages, significantly impacting their futures.

Challenges We Address

Significant gaps in educational opportunities and outcomes exist in the tri-state area.

64% of students that dropped out came from economically disadvantaged homes

New York State 2015
Graduation Outcomes

More than half of the achievement gap between lower- and higher-income youth can be explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities.

Alexander et al, 2007

Only 10% of low-income youth obtain college degrees.

We’re changing the learning experience and outcomes for young people

How We Work

To succeed in school and life, we believe young people need early, ongoing opportunities and consistent support to learn and develop essential life skills. We offer year-round academic enrichment, pastoral support and life-changing experiences through our School Year Program and Morry’s Camp.

Selecting Participants with the Community

Our community partners are schools, community organizations and agencies that help us identify young people who would benefit from our program.

Grade 4 to Graduation

Our 10-year commitment to each student begins in grade 4 and continues to high school graduation and preparation for college or the workforce.

Summer and School Year

Each child’s program begins with an impactful summer camp experience at Morry’s Camp. This sets the stage for the ongoing student support that takes place during the school year through structured, thematic monthly meetings, small group workshops, in addition to a coaching and mentoring program.

Community Partnership

Our programs are delivered together with parents and community partners, who are an integral part of our program. We’re grateful for the support of parents, the summer camp community, foundations, corporate partners, and generous individuals.

Focus on 21st Century Skills

Throughout our program we focus on enriching our student’s education, developing their 21st Century Skills, and exploring social justice themes.

Academic and Personal Development

Our alumni are a testament to the success of our programs. Beyond their positive academic outcomes, alumni espouse positives values and demonstrate exemplary personal qualities such as leadership, confidence, a sense of personal responsibility, empathy and the ability to cooperate as a team.

10-Year Commitment

Project Morry has a 10-year commitment to comprehensive, developmentally appropriate programs for each young person it supports.

Grades 4-7 (Undergrad Phase)

Monthly school-year meetings for our younger students focus on specific themes such as goal-setting, overcoming obstacles, improving social skills and building a network of support.

4th Grade

Camp: 9 days

5th Grade

Camp: 20 days

6th Grade

Camp: 20 days

7th Grade

Camp: 21 days

Graduation (Undergrad)

Students are encouraged to apply and progress to the next phase from 8th-12th grades.

Education plays a key role in all activities during the annual 3.5-week summer camp sessions, combatting the potential for “summer learning loss” and preparing campers for the academic challenges of the next grade.

Grades 8-12 (Postgrad Phase)

At monthly school-year meetings, our older students are challenged to reflect on their lives and develop their own goals. Always preparing for the future, we focus on time management, financial planning, SAT prep, resume writing, leadership development and public speaking.

8th Grade

Camp: 21 days

9th Grade


10th Grade


11th Grade

Students are encouraged to participate in summer internships.
Mentorship program begins.

Graduation (Undergrad)

Students are encouraged to participate in summer internships.
Mentorship program begins.


When students graduate our program, they become known as alumni. One year after high school, alumni are eligible to apply to work at Morry's Camp as staff.

Students attend Morry’s Camp for a minimum of 4 weeks each year. Their experiences include all of the traditional outdoor camping activities as well as activities dedicated to developing leadership skills and post-high school opportunities. Students visit historic sites, museums and colleges, and explore internships. Every single young person completes the program with an achievable plan for his/her future.

Our Programs

Morry's Camp

Summer learning and experience

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School Year Program

Year-round academic enrichment and support

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"Simply put, we are with our youth – for 10 years. Through the year and during the summer: to teach, guide them and propel them toward a future of their own design, which may not otherwise be possible.”

Dawn Ewing, Executive Director