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Building Our Future, Securing Our Legacy

As with everything Project Morry does, the Building Our Future, Securing Our Legacy campaign places our kids front and center. With this campaign we are deepening our commitment to them by expanding our level of support and widening their opportunities.

Project Morry is also committed to responsibly stewarding the generous funding we have received from our supporters who have—and will continue to—invest themselves and their resources into our young people.

The Building Our Future, Securing Our Legacycampaign will honor both of these commitments.

Building Our Future

Project Morry has always been about the future of our young people. Early in our history we built our camp and physical facilities to ensure that they had a flourishing environment in which to learn, play, and grow. Since that time, we have continued to build our summer and school year programming to provide our students with the tools they need to flourish.

Funding made available through Building Our Future will allow us to:

  • Increase staff size to deepen student and parent engagement through additional group sessions and individual counseling
  • Increase the number of interactive experiences and field trips to places of business, cultural institutions, and colleges for students in all grades
  • Amplify opportunities for leadership development by enhancing our curriculum and experiential options
  • Create innovative curriculum and professional development for our staff so that they may support our students’ academic and emotional development even more effectively
  • Boost our network of support for our first year college students as they navigate their critical transition from high school to college success
  • Strengthen and increase the number of hours of college guidance counseling for individual students
  • Increase the number of regional college tours for our high school students

Securing our legacy

Project Morry was founded in 1995 following the tragic death of Morry Stein, a national camping industry leader who enthusiastically promoted the value of summer camp for all children, irrespective of their means. Through the work of his family, friends and colleagues, Morry’s dream has endured and expanded.

The reserve fund is Project Morry’s safety net with its use restricted to helping us through potential emergencies such as an economic downturn or unanticipated crisis, or for one-time future oriented expenditures. Additionally, through careful investing the fund will provide us with earnings that we can use for annual program enhancements.

The goal of Building Our Future, Securing Our Legacy is to ensure that Project Morry has the resources we need to empower our students to envision and establish positive futures today, tomorrow and beyond.

Help us ensure the next 25 years of Morry’s dream will be even more impactful than the previous ones.

For more information on supporting the Building Our Future, Securing Our Legacy campaign, please contact Christine Elstein, Director of Development, at 914-460-7324 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

“Morry’s dream is inspiring. Every time I hear it, I feel like I carry his legacy. I want my Project Morry little brothers to carry on his dream because Morry wasn’t just a man. He was the start of something big, bigger than camp. That something is the community of Project Morry.”

Project Morry Alumna