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Be a Part of the Dream!

Be a Part of the Dream!

Be A Part of the Dream!

“I am so fortunate to say that Project Morry has impacted my life in numerous ways, but the biggest impact was teaching me how to dream. No dream is too big to me, because I learned my drive to accomplish something is stronger than my will to quit.”

Aries, Project Morry Alumnus

In 2019, 100% of Project Morry seniors graduated from high school on time. 98% enrolled in college. 95% of our middle school and high school youth matriculated to the next grade on time. And 65 kids got to start their Project Morry experience with a life changing summer at sleepaway camp for the first time.

Like you, we believe that every child is important and every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams in school, career, and community. Each year, with your support, we change the lives of 400 youth from under-resourced communities.

Renew your support by December 31st to provide even more opportunities in 2020!

Thank you for being part of the Project Morry Community.